The Company

Company Profile

Paintmart Pte Ltd was founded in 1996 starting off as a dealer supplying automotive paints to car workshops.Over the decades, we have built a solid foundation in the paint industry, dealing with a comprehensive selection of painting products so as to move on with the increasing competitive market in Singapore. Today Paintmart Pte Ltd is proud of being one of the largest wholesaler and exporter of paints and painting related products in Singapore. We now supply wide ranges of products for all your painting needs be it homeowners, retailers, automotive, architectural, marine
and industrial sectors.

Besides, Paintmart’s growth over the years has also being recognized and was ranked as one of the Singapore’s most successful small and medium enterprises in the annual “Singapore SME 500”
ranking and certification since Year 2006.


As a responsible Company, we act with integrity in all that we do. Paintmart believes that there should be no conflict between workplace safety & health (WSH) and profitability. The Company therefore decides to take part in the bizSafe program and through our ongoing risk evaluation, management and the implementation of the safety system, we successfully obtained the bizSafe certification in 2009. This initiative has help the Company to increase its productivity, enhances the corporate image and makes a positive statement about the values of our Company.


It is our goal to continue our standard of excellence and commitment to our traditions as we grow alongside our customers in the years to come.